Our Mission Statement

To be exceptional, trustworthy wealth managers by providing values based financial planning and superior investment advisory services in a client centric atmosphere of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc. (CWA) is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm providing comprehensive, integrated wealth management services to affluent families, professionals, small business owners, executives, women in transition and retired seniors who need a strategic game plan for the second half of their lives and qualified coaches to help them navigate the pitfalls of retirement. Our approach to wealth management focuses primarily on asset preservation, income protection and sustainability and the transfer of wealth to future generations and charitable causes. Our clients have two things in common – they need a tax-efficient strategic game plan for the second half of their lives and a retirement coach to help them execute that plan.

Our Core Values

  • Our firm was founded to provide a client experience based on biblical principles.
  • Integrity is expected and practiced in each action serving our clients.
  • Our word is our bond. When we promise something, we will do everything in our power to deliver it.
  • We place the client’s interests first in every decision we make.
  • We position our firm to act as a fiduciary, acting prudently for our clients and disclosing any and all potential conflicts and costs for our services.
  • We earn your business again each day we work for you.

Cornerstone Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm providing wealth management services to business owners, retired seniors, executives, and other individuals who need a game plan for the second half of their lives and a coach to help them navigate the pitfalls of retirement.


Our client relationship begins with a financial roadmap which is built upon each individual’s personal values and objectives.


If you are a sports fan, you know the value of a good coach and a good game plan. You also know that the game plans often change as the game unfolds. The game plan for the first half is usually not the game plan you will need for the second half. In the game of life, that is almost always true. You must frequently make mid-course corrections.


We serve:

  • Affluent Families
  • Medical Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Executives in Transition
  • Women in Transition (Divorce or Loss of Spouse)
  • Retired Seniors