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Legacy planning is a process that involves reviewing your needs, interests, values and goals. It typically involves creating several legal documents such as health care directives, care of dependents and lifetime trusts to control distribution of assets without the need for probate court supervision.

Cornerstone will help explore and explain the major issues of legacy planning with you, and introduce you to a reputable legacy planning attorney to help create, coordinate and manage

the right planning and results for you.

M E M O R I A L I Z I N G   Y O U R   V A L U E S   A N D   L E G A C Y

W H A T   W I L L   B E

Y O U R   L E G A C Y ?

How Will You Be Remembered?

W H Y   D O   I   N E E D

A   T R U S T ?

Controlling the Distribution of Legacy Assets without Probate

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