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income & wealth protection

Income protection strategies require tactical management of retirement assets based on where the client

is in the retirement cycle. These are three of the many risks to loss of retirement income:

  1. Loss of retirement income due to a loss of market value in retirement portfolio due to a market correction after retirement

  2. Loss of retirement income due to long term care costs eating away the principal of your retirement account

  3. Loss of retirement income of a spouse due to failure to protect family from risk of loss of the major breadwinners income with income replacement life insurance


Some of the risk management strategies that we use in these cases are:

  1. Tactical changers in asset allocation as client approaches retirement to increase allocation to fixed income

  2. Increasing tactical allocation to fixed or variable annuities to protect principal and guarantee a stream of income during retirement life expectancy

  3. Adding long term care insurance riders to life insurance policies or use it our lose it long term care policies to the clients risk management strategy

  4. Purchasing decreasing term, or combination of permanent life insurance and term insurance to provide income replacement if the breadwinner dies prematurely  


I N C O M E   P R O T E C T I O N   S T R A T E G I E S

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