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income & wealth protection

Some of the wealth protection strategies we provide for our clients address the following risks:

  1. Loss of market value of estate assets transferred to heirs due to estate taxes

  2. Lawsuits and creditor claims on your assets

  3. Loss of estate assets transferred to beneficiaries due to spendthrift spouses of your children

  4. Loss of estate assets from deceased spouse due to remarriage


Some of the risk management solutions to these and other problems are the following:

  1. Using life insurance within an ILIT to replace estate and income taxes paid by heirs

  2. Using domestic asset protection trusts (DAPT) to protect assets from claims of creditors

  3. Using sufficient property and casualty insurance coverage and umbrella coverage to mitigate loss of assets in a catastrophe

  4. Use of separate property trusts to maintain property transferred to children as separate property to help protect them from spendthrift spouses

  5. Use of pre-nuptial agreements for second marriages to protect from spendthrift second spouse


W E A L T H   P R O T E C T I O N   S T R A T E G I E S

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